I am Human


 It’s me you chide,
not to emotionally abide,
yet nowhere can you hide
when i became emotional  devoid.

Is not you i told i loved,
is not you whose heart was glad,
that to hear these you’d lived.
Yet for these emotions you judged.

Should i became a rock,
should i peoples words block,
and from my environment lock,
so my emotions don’t go broke ,


You sure you won’t mind?,
when from you i take off my mind,
and every day for you is to remind,
but each time i put your words behind.


Or will you want me to be kind,
and all the emotions to unbind,
and every day live as a blind,
and together create ties that bind.

My emotions my darling,
gets friends and foes waging,
with discomfort and longing,
as we keep in love indulging.

i give you liberty to hurt me,
your words to be able to crush me,
feelings to know you love me,
without which you can’t infiltrate me.

So let them live these emotions,
let it  thrive  this devotion,
do not contemplates its abortion,
for that will end this love emotion.


Its a pleasure reading your leave-in

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