Forward I will run,
Sideways I will not turn,
I give you up if it’s what you want.

I want to forget your kisses,
and banish  all the caresses,
I will forget them even if it  hurts

I will erase all the memories,
And clear my mind off the worries,
Soon you will be my past if I try harder,

I will not condemn myself,
Nor shall have I pity on this self,
You may not be worth the tear.

I will not ask questions,
I will not keep relations,
They too will go with you.

No longer shall I stand by the door,
Nor pick your socks from the floor,
I have found and loved the me.

I thought my kids you’d father,
The dreams have moved farther,
Perhaps you were groomed further.

Until here I say adieu my love,
It was good but it flew like a dove
I leave you with the passion.


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