Redundancy and Hunger,
birds of the same feather,
Both have knave my liver,
Now I know where i stand…

I want to believe,
that alone i am here,
because that’s the feeling here,
Friends…i don’t know that word.

I am my own responsibility,
I was not made a liability,
And i have to face reality,
As usual I’ll survive.

What can be more worse,
when your future is loose,
And you seem to count the loss,
Of your survival source.


They are many when you are stable,
they help you plan since you’re able,
So long as there is food on the table,
Your interest they seem to care….


But now i know a whole lot,
the truth is that it’s a plot,
Sinking you are behind the pot,
You can’t even have an oat.


Its a pleasure reading your leave-in

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