it was bound to happen,
it was just a matter of time
still i did not look forward to it,
but now that it has come….
thanks for the trigger.

you have set my mind in motion,
And changed its location
with that all commotion.
thank you for that lotion.

i now have an urge greater,
to prove wrong  your notion,
without you i had survived,
that spirit has been revived.

look down upon me now,
remember soon you will wow,
and it will come a time to bow,
i am afraid remove your crown

I desired to save us from savages,
a unity to break loose bondages,
the cost of which gave challenges,
yet now i set upon such path again,
i have endured so much,
and i would withstand that clutch,
but you aren’t worth the touch,
you are not worth the trouble.

so now your choice you’ve made
and i mine have i ahead,
do as you please or trade,
it’s my time to make a voyage.

i will remember the disrespect,
the attitude and contempt,
the betrayal and the drama
but i leave you all the pain.




Its a pleasure reading your leave-in

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