Life is

life is a paradise,
packed with packs of lies

Life is a bliss,
Don’t repeat this please,

Life is fun,
Very much intended pun,

Life is has no performance,
Its always on the move….

Or are we?

Life is a rolacosta,
No condition is permanent.

Life is a miracle,
We die and wake up by the Grace

Life is music
A never ending melody

life is ruthless,
Cruelty in the form of death.

Life is like a seed,
It grows, matures and dies

Life is joy,
A feeling of purposed ploy.

Life is the choices that makes us terrible or good people.

Life is meaningless,
Its measure is priceless,

Life is valueless
In a life so purposeless.

Life is a moment,
When we stop and comment


Its a pleasure reading your leave-in

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