Breaking Loose!!

i used to be good,
At least that’s what i’d want to believe.
You can challenge my claim of course!
Depending on which side of the coin you find yourself in,
And i was sensitive to people around me,
I put their needs before mine,
And it was never okay if you aren’t okay,

I use to be good,
I’d take with a mum the reproaches,
I’d would endure hours of lecturers,
I’ accept what others sought to dispose off
For to me it was a gesture of kindness,
I’d follow rules and regulations to the latter,
Gave no one worries about indiscipline,

I used to be good,
I stick out my neck for others,
I’d carry people’s secrets and keep them as that’
I’d complete my assignments and hand them in time,
I’d clean ,cook,and answer calls promptly
Well these describes about my goodness,
Yet i found this one thing is true.

I’d live my life to societal dictates,
I’d measured my abilities as per your yardstick,
I’d sought acceptance thinking i was different,
I’d locked myself to the self expected and expressed,
But i locked someone very important,
Made her life miserably unbearable,
Suppressed her desires and potentials….

But now i break loose,
I wont hold to think you don’t like me,
Its will be your lose not mine,
I will innovate,invent and revert,
I will sing to the melodies in my heart,
I will not bother if you judge or misjudge me,
I will be as wild as i should have..ages ago!


Its a pleasure reading your leave-in

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