When You Fight For Our Love

When you talk about,
Fighting for our love,
I am curious to know,
What on earth you really mean…

Is it forgiving me when i stray,
And in another mans’ arms i find myself?
Or when you stray,and my forgiveness you need….

Is it when i do you wrong?
and your ego is wounded,
Or is it when you humiliate me….

Is it when your vision and mine collide,
And in your future i do not feature,
Or when mine omits your presence……..

Is it when you want to prove a point,
And rub in my mistakes,
Or when you want to cover up your tracks…..

Is it when you let me go with the other man,
For principles’ sake,avoid messing your shirt,
For to fight you say its a worthless brawl….

Is it when to you i am second fiddle,
And i come as an afterthought,
Or when you scream of your existence….

Is it when you’re too busy,
And your attention i have to beg,
Or when i am busy, and we drift apart…..

Is it when i am crushed and down,
And need your helping hand up.
Or is it when the reverse is true….

Is it when your future seem gray,
And you don’t know what tomorrow holds,
Or when i need your comforting wand…

Is it when i lose my livelihood,
And hope seem rather dim
Or when i need your supporting heart….

When do you fight for this love?

Are they mere words,
Said to express impossibility,
When the truth is but a mortality,
When the future has no clarity..

are they words spoken in vanity,
Those that have no sanity,
Meant to shut the brains ability
To logically evaluate attainability…

are they words filled with emptiness,
Whose viability is valueless,
And credibility is shameless,
To even contest in openness


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