Dead Promise

When I woke up this morning,
I was ready to face the world,
I revealed secrets kept in promises,
I made calls to authenticate my claim,
To prove to you my challenger,
I have never been a lesser contender,
Alas!, I am left with the whisper,
A hushed tone of your voice,
When you made me promise,
Not to breath to a soul,
Of what between us transpired,
Now I feel as much a betrayer as you are

I thought you’d understand,
Every promise has expiry date,
And our pact had run its course,
It was beginning to kill me,
Reliving the threats you’d made,
How was I to know ,tell me how,
That the bondage’s were breaking loose.
Now you are gone,
Bonds of this hemisphere,
Clearly severed by your departure,
How should this make me feel,
Jovial because I am free of you,
Or sad for a life so shortly lived,
And a challenge abruptly cut,

May your soul in peace lie,
For He who you claimed ownership,
I promise as a prayer to care for,
To cherish and always defend,
To love and hold in my heart,
Whenever time get tough,
As they sometimes seem to,
I will remember this pledge,
That love is all He needs…


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