Retreat Soldier

I came to fight,
You no longer can choose,
For in me a warrior is aroused,
No longer will you fight my wars,
Trump Donald would harshly say
You are fired!

But I won’t.
I’ll simply say,
Retreat soldier,

This is my fight,
Against my hot temper,
the excuses i give to cover up,
A multitude of shortcoming,
That have shrouded my tender life,
Retreat Soldier.

I will fight this war,
Against my poor judgment,
Or lack of it thereof,
When it’s all that counts
in matters of life and death,
Retreat soldier.

I am ready to fight,
Against shutting out others,
And giving myself glory,
When all they needed was a listening ear,
To however small a contribution,
That would have just been the world’s solution,
Retreat soldier

I want to fight this war,
Against my irritating impatience,
Forcing others to run within my pace,
When all they needed was a break,
To catch their breath,
And resume the run….
Retreat soldier

I am fighting,
To consider opinions across board,
Even if I will not use them now,
It might be someone’s salvation,
In the rocky waters of life,
Retreat soldier

I’ll fight for my friends,
When our opinions differ,
And I could swear they are damn right wrong
I’ll patiently wear their shoes,
And feel exactly where it pinch,
So retreat soldier.

I swear to fight for my love,
According to African culture,
Allow him lead and be king,
Submit to his authority and direction,
Like a true daughter of the soil,
Retreat soldier

I stand here to fight
for many things gone wrong,
But which I can make right,
For to make a better world,
I’ll starts by myself,
So my soldier do Retreat


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