Gone Love

To a broken anniversary
Of a love lost long ago
Filled with goose bumps and the memory
Of a soul I can’t let go.

I wish I could remove the distance
That set both our poles apart
If I held a more delicate stance
I could have cradled your heart.

Despite my best intentions for us
The storm still swallowed me whole
Delicate plans were causing me fuss
I failed to honor my role.

No shame of our moment together
Though time has lessened the thrill
Our laughter will echo forever
Such gratitude fills me still.

If an instant of sorrow passed by
Without my loving embrace
Arrogance failed my perceptive eye
Complacency trumping grace.

Now I swim an ocean of regret
Without an island in sight
My mind traces back that silhouette
We shared within our delight.

Within this flesh I know I’ve been blessed
Nothing can tear you from me
Locked deep inside without a protest
With me indefinitely.


4 comments on “Gone Love

  1. Which one is better,
    A love so close by,
    That which you feed with honey,
    You water it and pull out weeds,
    You clothe it with fragrance,
    Yet it always mourns of a love gone,

    Should this be good news,
    Or an indication of nostalgia,
    Is the current love so empty,
    That your heart keeps wandering,
    Rem incing on that which is past,

    As thou always say,
    Thy shall not take it personal,
    Neither cause mayhem,
    Mourn if you must.
    But don’t take too long,
    For while you stare at the door closed,
    Stare way too long,
    You will miss the open window

    • I await the times when we can talk
      I await the times we can finally hold hands and walk
      To feel you for real… so close to me
      The happiest person in the world is what
      you would make me.

      Your eyes shine like a million suns
      You shine more brightly than anyone
      Your smile so sweet can help but make me smile
      It stops my world even for a little while

      I await the time when my hand is in yours
      To hear you say those 3 little words.
      There are still no words I can say to describe
      My heart it aches and my eyes they cry

      But when we talk my heart flies
      you always wipe away the tears I cry.
      Even thought you aren’t here
      And I miss you so much my dear

      I’ll love you forever and ever
      I’ll always love you my far away lover.

      • Waiting you will,
        With a soul shrouded in a will,
        Of a lone deal,
        When its the best you hope for,
        For when gates opened,
        And the plain was flooded,
        You did not store any,
        That would be useful in future,
        The reason why you look back,
        And stop in your journey,
        Keep stopping,
        Keep looking back,
        Ever heard of Lots wife?

  2. I’ve heard of Lots wife
    a story of being hostage in what behind
    nostalgia is a dangerous crippling illusion,
    as long we have vission, nvr will stop to think of how it was encrypted,
    we had objectives,

    the lines were drawn,
    the whistle was blown,
    the game was on,
    but when we get to the end,
    we appreciate every memory,
    the thank the very fast move,
    the last step ws made possible tight from the very first step,
    i dont turn a blind eye on what hx as taught me,
    i dont want my future though to be dependent on my past,
    i aint a slave to my past
    neither am a the agony of my future,
    my present moment is the golden line

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