Fear Losing You

What if I can’t control my fear of losing you.
How can I love if I’m afraid to fall.

I close my eys take a breathe
I wont be scared

Your right here.
The more I try it just gets harder and the pain is getting old.

Sometimes i feel so empty and fells like
noones there.
But if you just hold me close and
never let me go.
I can control my fear of losing you.

We have such a good friendship you that
you don’t want to loose.
We have this fear of what people
might say about us.

If you fall in love again it will be to fast.
Someone said that nothing lasts

Were living in are shadows never
coming out to


2 comments on “Fear Losing You

  1. Uoga liachiliye,
    Uungwana ishikiliye,
    Mema yakumbatiye,
    Kamwe moyoni u bwenyenye,

    Sistahili kukuchanyanua,
    Mapenzi yako sijainunua,
    Yako tathmini yana inua,
    Subira hata haijaniua.

    Ila kaza mwendo mwafrika,
    Wakachilia siku ishafika,
    Usichelee nikatamauka,
    Kasri langu lijenge ipate kutumika

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