Money Cant Buy You Love

Money can buy everything for you
Except to make someone to really love you

If you go out to buy love with your money
You better know, money is the reason, she is selling her body

She may like you for your money
But, when it comes to the real love, she could be someone else’s honey

As long as you got the money, she will stick with you
But when you run out of money, she comes up with excuse to leave you

It doesn’t matter you dead or alive
Money is the one that let you have her “love”

Don’t get confused between word love and like
They don’t mean the same, even though they sound alike

Remember, money just buys her physical body, not her mind
If you want to win her heart, you better treat her nice and be kind

Let’s hope money will never buy the love
Otherwise, that’s end of the romance and nice feeling and all the songs and movies
will be made and all the books will be written about story of the love


One comment on “Money Cant Buy You Love

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