Chasing the polo Horse..or is it wind

Chasing the polo Horse..or is it wind

My heart is bound but never trapped
My soul is free yet something holds it back
My light shines on but it’s still dark
My gift is humble yet selfishness reigns

What can I do to stop this feeling?
What can I say when things go wrong?
What can I think when the obvious is so direct?
What can I feel when there is nothing left?

Deep down I know that I’ll be fine
Deep down I know my future is still in reach
Deep down I know that life is a journey
Deep down I have my own time frame


Is this all just an illusion?


2 comments on “Illusion

    What lies before me is a broken promise
    I held so tightly to the precious fragments
    What hope was left was tossed upon the dying
    Every empty word I speak will kill what’s left inside
    I’m such a beautiful liar

    I fall in love with my own delusions
    My personal deception is gorgeously executed
    I savor every word as it desensitizes me
    I like to mask the bitter taste of reality with the sweetness of my lies
    I question life every hour of my existence
    I live as though I’ll some day wake up from this all
    When I close my eyes I think I see my purpose
    If I reach far enough I can feel what’s left behind
    I’ll fade away
    And feed on my deceit
    I must sacrifice all I use to cope

  2. Reflections in the water
    Fade and disappear
    Illusions that mine eyes can see
    But cannot touch nor hear.

    And now I come to ask myself
    Are you really real?
    If I reach out to take your hand
    Will it be your hand I feel?

    You might be an illusion
    My eyes might be decieving me
    You could be someone that I made up
    A wish, a dream, a fantasy.

    Questions like these just make doubt stronger
    Creating a kind of inner hunger
    In quiet solitude I ponder
    Leaving my mind to search and wander.

    If life is so much like a dream
    And things aren’t always what they seem
    Then let me walk this road with you
    Until our wakening is due.

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