i may not have known it yet,
i may have noticed late,
and the feeling it crates,
every time i step at the gate,
is one i swear to hate,

a dream filled with regret,
of a past we cannot regenerate,
and cries we cannot prevent,
nor rehearse its core event.


2 comments on “Past

  1. There is no tomorrow
    There is only today
    So seize the moment
    Don’t let it get away
    Live for each moment
    Give it all you’ve got
    Seize the moment
    When you finally get your shot
    Nothing’s impossible
    If you give it your all

    Anything can happen
    If you’re willing to fall
    To take your chances
    To take that giant risk
    If you’re willing to gamble
    If you’re willing to miss
    So live for the moment
    Don’t let it slip away
    And dream of tomorrow
    In a new kind of way…..

    • A time of reckoning came,
      He was in his death bed,
      This once beautiful thing we had,
      All my life i gave it my hand,
      One it kept alluding with vigor,
      With a labored breath,
      He grabbed my hand,
      To finally say how much he cared,
      At that moment i realized,
      That he might have actually cared,
      But for the blinding blinds of this earth,
      He kept pushing me away,
      And now as i beheld those eyes,
      I noticed defeat,
      I could feel nothing anymore,
      I did not cry,smile, wish. regret, hope,
      For him i’d done all that,
      And as he took one more last breath,
      I pulled away from him,
      It was too late to make amends

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