I Hurt

you strike me right across the face,
the stinging pain left me in a daze,
for a moment i was in a haze,
and i lost a great second to laze…


i took it in with a gulp of air,
and watched your mad face at me glare,
and touching you i couldn’t dare,
your rejection i wouldn’t bare…
Yet its me who reached out for you,
and offered my apology to appease you,
and accepted i was rush to judge you,
even wen all i did was express me to you,

then you turned your back on me,
my face you couldn’t stand ,
my ‘sorry’ was such a song,
and i recoiled in a fist of pain and anguish,
and wondered why i had to talk,
when silence would have served.


6 comments on “I Hurt

  1. I don’t care if you run from me, so long as you run with tears of regret in your eyes.

    I don’t care if you despise me, so long as you are the last thing I see when I die.

    I don’t care if you can’t say you love me, so long as you can’t live without me.

    I don’t care if you leave me hanging for your next message, so long as you think so much of the time you don’t.

    I don’t care if you think I’m silly, so long as you laugh with me.

    I don’t care if you need much space between us, so long as you give me yours so often.

    I don’t care if you feel relieved in my absence, so long as you feel breathless in my presence.

    I don’t care if you are fascinated by others, so long as you need me fascinated with you.

    I don’t care if you can be such a
    perfectionist, so long as I can make you love your imperfections.

    I don’t care if you are controlling, so long as I’m the one you need to put under your thumb.

    I don’t care if you find me unbearable, so long as you can bare yourself to me.

    • to care
      is a scare
      i am not near,
      when protection breaks bare
      and balls pound close there ,
      i am watching right here,
      giving no special favour,
      to mothers and fathers
      i have to walk way further,
      Because its this music rapper,
      that dont belong yonder,
      for my work he has no timer,
      busy being the wind blower,
      while i am sinking lower

      • its only when lower
        can you look higher

        when u feel higher
        fate may expire

        its like being in forum
        with no quorum

        life is a mianda
        with an agenda

        if i failed today
        my dues i should pay

        fortunes and costumes
        protrudes the fine-tunes.

      • its not about your ego,
        it would be similar to a he goat,

        that which wouldnt miss a doubt,
        to poke holes to a sunken boat,

        and hold to the hem of a coat,
        that is wrapped around a drowned corps.
        i am not killing any hope,
        thats already dead by the shore,

        But thats when i twist in the lip,
        and keep feeding the hips,
        to attract ungrateful pimp

    • I want to show you I care,
      I want you to say how it can seem that way.
      You know I love you,
      I always will..
      When you are down come to me,

      When you are feeling suicidal,
      Let me help.
      I want to see you spread your wings,
      And fly.

      • I dont doubt what you feel,
        Its not a debate that you care,
        I dont mind coming to you when down,
        Knowing i am in trusted hands,
        I dont wish to impose on you,

        when i am bound to be missjudge,
        Or express that which i should keep in a lid

        take no offence when i yell,
        so long as its not directed to you,
        Allow me to sulk and cry,
        if that will help me through,
        for even i have pangs of jealousy,
        when my jewel adorn a different neck,
        wheather borrowed or auctioned

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