Hungry….My Begging Hungry Son


My soup is ready,
A time to dine and feed the belly,
Today i swindled the junk food,
And parted my back for the work well done

I took the spoon,ready to scoop,
Then dropped it right back,
I am hungry, very hungry,
But i had breakfast this morning.

Its just twelve in the noon,
My hungry eyes scan my pocket,
I am left with no dime
this soup better be worth it.

I take the china ware,
Play about with it debating,
Do i scoop, do i not,
Do i, do i not….

‘Sir are you alright?’

The hotel waiter finally manage to ask me,
I had noticed him watching me for a while,

‘Is there anything wrong with your food?’
Still, no answer.
Then like lightening,
I warm up to him

“Please pack this food for me”

He stares at me.
It was against the rules,
It was a posh neighborhood,
People ate and left.

I beg him,
Finally he burges,
I drive away…very hungry,
Then i stop at the rundown mall in the township,
The little boy is still there,
Begging for coins and handouts,

I walk to him
He smiles broadly,
He knows something good might be coming.
I give him the food,
And his teary eyes burst into a flood of tears..
I don’t know what to do,
I don’t want to attracted attention,
so i drive off

Then it hit me..
The picture i was given…
Sent with untraceable address,
The only information that has been top priority,
I had it in my hand..and suddenly,
Felt way too hungry,

I decided its about time,
I have to know my son ,
Then i open the envelope,
And i cant breath,
Cant breath…

My son stared right into my soul,
With those same teary eyes,
That i had left him with,
Right at the rundown mall
Begging for alms.


One comment on “Hungry….My Begging Hungry Son

  1. you planted an oat so wild,
    then had it starve by the roadside,
    And it blossom,
    A chip off the old block,
    In those eyes you are haunted,
    in those eyes you saw pain,
    in those eyes misery beseached,
    what you were glared and beckoned,
    Anger and anguish so rendered,
    in those eyes you saw what you are,
    In those eyes you saw what you failed to be
    In those eyes you saw yourself

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