Love Like I Do

All but in a memory,
pure bliss without a worry,
Sudden rush of adrenaline
I am in love, like a teenager,

the passion deep in my veins
confirms my love is not in vain
for the tears and the pain,
You are a relic,worth all it takes.

the soft chest and warm embrace,
that you gave holding me close,
the tender touch on my forehead,
is entrenched in my memory,

your funny dance and playful mannerism,
your charisma and rich mind,
Your honest assess and opinion,
these things that set you apart,
are ones i cannot trade for anything

and so tonight as i lay me down,
i know i haven’t given you much,
and i don’t know your thoughts as you go to bed,
but you are the last thing in my memory,
and i sleep with a smile,
knowing i never before loved this much.


2 comments on “Love Like I Do

  1. You and me
    Were meant to be;
    In my dreams, and in my heart
    We have something that can’t be torn apart;
    Dreaming of you, makes my night worth while

    Thinking of you, makes me constantly smile;
    Something tells me that your the one
    Whenever I’m with you, we have so much fun;
    Having you is the best thing ever
    Having you is what i want forever;
    Til the end of time
    You will be mine;
    I love you baby, your one of a kind
    Because your always on my mind.

    • I no longer question why,
      When i know the answer is you,
      Swallow your pride at times,
      Now i see the reason why,
      A great teacher taught me trust,

      And i couldn’t trust another as i trust him.
      He is human and is bound to err,
      But what is life without errors,

      He inspires the best in me,
      With a simple smile of encouragement,

      He does not plan my days for me,
      Just calls to know they went well,

      So let me love beyond logic,
      For this,a language that only hearts know.

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