The Love Scene

I know all his moves, this lover I can’t let go. Yesterday i memorized them as he came home. Milk, vegetables and lots of fruits, He loves to feed his woman, and himself. He never lacks appetite, for everything he does. He will cook, and chat her up, So she doesn’t fall asleep, and keep him company.

He will drink up the milk, as he waits for the food to simmer He will tickle her and make her laugh He enjoys watching the smile upon her face. The food will ready within a twinkle of a star. They will eat, he will finish faster and his woman…. He will prod her to be a better eater, She will not take it against him, He teases her a lot, and she likes it.

Then they’ll brush up, and keep things in order, She will spread the bed, while he visits the washroom, She will slide under the sheets, half-naked, She isn’t used to being in her birth suit,
He will put off the lights, and touch his way to bed, He will be smelling of fresh mouthwash. He will wrap her around; hold her close Kiss her neck, her cheek. And search her mouth, He will kiss her hard and deep, just like she likes it.

She will De-activate her inhibitors, Release her hands to explore, She will touch the back of his ear, and kiss it, She will walk her fingers over his face, Pausing briefly to peck and kiss him, he loves the kisses.
Her hands will be locked up somewhere, he will be in charge, Sliding his fingers over her bosom, setting her body to spate of waves of excitement He will cup her breast, and kiss them, She will release a gasp, and want more of it, Her will excite the ridge between her chest, She will touch his body, in a tinkly way, Just as they have learnt over the years, He will lock her in a kiss, first slightly, Then it will become stronger and deeper, And she will be gulping for breath,

When his strong arms part off her thighs, She will let off all inhibitors , She will reach out for his hand, And he will lead her to his man, She will hesitate, at the touch of rock, Then reach for it with such hunger, And softly rub it on her skin, A feeling that will set him in ecstasy, She will move her body bit lower and sucks him up
Getting stronger with every sound of satisfaction he makes,

She will steal glances and giggle at the look in his face. He will lift her up, and set her body on fire, With every touch to her sensitive parts He will caress her thighs, and twitch her clitoris, He will look right into her eyes and see the want, And parts her leg some more, she will smile, Then he will wear his protection and kiss her, Then slid his man Into her woman, still looking right into her,

He will go deep in softly, careful not to hurt her, Then he will rock in and out of her, setting her off, She will involuntarily part her feet even wider, And holding his waist find a rhythm in his moves, He will feel fired up, and go in a ride craze, He will ride her faster and deeper, Setting her moaning like crazy,

He will ride even faster from the sound she makes, Then turn her this way, and that way, still riding, He will get exhausted, and lie on his back, He will lift her and place her right on top of him, She will allow his man up her, and softly, Horse ride, feeling him in her.

She will be in control of loving, She will let spasm of pleasure wash her body, He will look at her, and reach for her waist, To help her up and down,

He will follow her gaze, and smile at its destination, He will want more than he can touch, She will need more than she can say, Something beyond the physical, Something they both want from each other, And since its not tangible, They will hold each other close,
And appreciate each other’s perfect role, In making love, Then they’ll kiss goodnight, And sleep in each other’s arm, Dreaming, happy at peace. In perfect bliss.


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