My Own Enemy

i am my enemy ,
i know i am impulsive,
have more than 100% boiling point,
rants like a parrot,
shout as if i am on fire,
nag until u lose your cool,
react as if stung by a bee

but hey,

my Creator was not a fool,
To give me a counter to my flaws.
so dont be quick to judge,
you are not any better


7 comments on “My Own Enemy

  1. And all I can say is ,
    that maybe everything will be fine in the end.
    But that isn’t a promise.
    But its outrageous to blame
    those vices you got
    as a result of Gods err.
    If it’s a broken pot replace it.
    If it’s a broken arm then brace it.
    If it’s a broken heart then face it.
    Don’t be rude and i guess at this rate
    “God may want to forgive you, but will rather forget you”

    • You rush to spit out,yet it isn’t Gods err
      that you have faults ,
      but so we appreciate what we have,
      I am not blaming Him,
      I am loving the fact that
      He gave me a way to deal with what makes me human.

      • nagging
        are not the attributes of God,
        and if those attributes makes you human,
        then not necessarily a God fearing human.

  2. You still don’t get u perfect man,
    In your righteous mind,
    I am unspeakable,
    Not worthy of this table..
    Did you realize though,
    That while pointing that finger at me,
    The remaining four,
    Were screaming at you?

  3. I am far from a perfect man
    I am flawed and I am faulty
    Sometimes I do not understand
    All the imperfections in me

    I know I may procrastinate
    Put things off a little too long
    I often can’t communicate
    Even admit when I am wrong

    I do not like confrontation
    Conflicts and fights I just avoid
    Though it causes aggravation
    And makes you feel a bit annoyed

    I am far from responsible
    Acceptance I’m lacking for sure
    I’m often undependable
    And perhaps a bit immature

    I’m very inconsiderate
    And your needs I often neglect
    Acting like I don’t give a sh*t
    Makes me lose all of your respect

    I am not that well adjusted
    Anti-social I just may be
    Many times I have not trusted
    My place in our society

    I know I am insensitive
    And do things you don’t understand
    But I’m asking you to forgive
    The fact I’m not a perfect man

  4. What is there to forgive,
    What is there to review,
    When apparently you know just too well,
    What part you play in this pain,

    You are you and i am me,
    I accept and let it be,
    You cant be me i cant be you,
    We look at the same thing,
    But we see it differently,
    Which is a good thing,
    For there is two sides to everything….

    Who am i to demand,
    Why should i even expect,
    When you are right all the time,
    When you know better,
    That must be perfection,
    I neither enjoy confrontation nor a fight,
    That’s the reason i love capoerra,

    So do what you do best,
    You deserve it all go on,
    Dont let anyone stand on your way,
    Becasuse you are perfectly perfect…
    Whichever way you look at it

  5. We’ll never get to higher or lower ground
    if we refuse to move but knowing that we can
    when someone comes to help us make it right.
    You can have a good day or have it your way
    it’s up to you to have a day that’s right for you

    You can have a good life, it’s up to you to say.
    We’ll never get to higher or lower ground
    if we refuse to move but knowing that we can
    when someone comes to help us make it right.

    While we are looking up at our saviors
    claiming that am perfect is a stale tale
    Am human whose is never ashamed to err.
    You can take my advice and modify it to fit your ways
    or criticize it claiming am being perfect.
    But adamantly the truth must be told, it matters not which either way.

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