The silenece is shattered
The screams ring out
i wish for the calm before the storm
But all within me shouts..

my screams never heard
No matter how loud
It just merges in
with the rest of the crowd

my voice is failing
the fears suppressed
I have no clue
How to work through the rest
The screams get louder

Can no one hear..
I scream and scream
Still no where near
no one hears just what i say

I could scream and scream til my dying day
my voice not heard not important

the feelings and screams
locked within
when will anyone stop this din

I long for peace..
within my self
Quiet and calm

on this dusty shelf
I stand here within
This huge hole
Screams just eating
away at my soul

where is the peace that i so request
i long for it daily
not in jest

i long for quiet within my head
To hear my own thoughts
Instead of the rests
when will i be me again
in stead of the voice within the crowd
instead of that scream not heard
no matter how loud.



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