Now I see

This one time i lift my eyes,
i see your eyes speak to me,
the drink has taken your tongue,
But not your eyes,
And as i listen over and over,
Am ashamed i didn’t notice earlier,
the efforts you have been making,
That i don’t find fault anymore,
That for once i will not complain,
Yet once again i found fault,
To be hurt,
To doubt ,
To fear for us,
Yet this one time,
In your drunken stupor,
You didn’t defend the obvious,
Didn’t try to conceal the truth,
Nor bend the facts,
And voiced your own reservation
This one time you spoke to my heart,
And i decided there was nothing more valuable,
Than you are to me,
Nothing worth salvaging,
If its not what i find in you ,
No relation more important
If its not the one i share with you,
I am proving no one right or wrong,
Just choosing that which i find formidably
For i see my world right through your eyes.


Its a pleasure reading your leave-in

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