The vanity god?

The Rolla costar of things wanted,
Things needed, vanity things,
For the world seems a big vanity,
The only thing that makes bearable at-least,
Is the embrace of the maker,
Communication with Him,
A conversation,
A moment to download……

For the world otherwise seems vain,
Birth, school, work, marriage, death and so goes the cycle.
It’s a turbulent that never stops,
Never slows down……
It got me wondering.

Are we honoring or dishonoring our maker,
Our world
Our race
Our very existence. Our pride
And man! Aren’t we too proud…

Tell me, what do we live for,
How do we live?


Our prosperity gospel indicates that….
Our ‘god” shall meet us at our point of need
And the only way we know he makes himself evident
Is if we own big houses, drive automobiles and have a fat bank account,
That’s the God we are talking about

Like seriously!!!!!
Todays ‘god’ has become so materialistic we wallow in spiritual poverty.
Our ‘god’ seems so concern about our outward expression,
It no longer matter the inside impression.
Is that the same God, who answered Moses,
‘I AM who I AM?’
Did he change eventually?
Or are we trying to remodel Him.


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