Q: I hate the way i am feeling now,
This fit of rage that is consuming me,
i promised i would never feel this way,
But what is it about you i cant control,
why is it i am weak when its about you…

A: Perhaps its because i am into you
Because i have infiltrated into your very fiber,
Because i know you cannot destroy me,
Since doing so will break you apart.

Q: But i thought i was better than this,
i knew i had outgrown this confusion
that the pain had toughened me,
and that i could not allow you
to get me on my knees.

A: yes right that much is true,
you learnt and believed in your strength,
only you forgot i still reside in you,
and i tap the soft codes of your well being

Q: well yes i know that
i am glad i have soft codes,
For those are what keeps me human,
and seeing the sun in your eyes
that is why this rage is burning me….



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