Shakespears’ Juliet and Romeo Epilo

I had done this work once as a research paper..and i thoroughly enjoyed it i could not help but share it.

Hath three words sweet as mine,
Methinks they hath been shut off,
For grayed folks hath no shine,
In sun to bind of in huff,
Sorrow be their bedfellows none,
To sunshine banish off the land,
For hath them nothing left to atone,
The harsh deadly soup fed by hand
Regret are they that rush to strike,
Yet they strike closer to themselves,
For in stricking thi foe is a trike,
Before thyself notice thy wound as wolves,
Hath me no foresay than these
Anger begets fate like these
Hath shakespears in his writing rush,
To banish youthful beauty from earth,
When grass doth dot it with lush,
Tell me then hath death any worth?
If as wise they had been more bold,
Old in limbs in judgment young,
They that angry blood flow were be told,
Of wasted joy they hath forsaken young,
Like me not how ends the play,
As lovely couple young plays the part,
Where in cold graves there bodies lay
So close to each other yet still apart,
Hath justice been really, served,
When thy play ends so sad.


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