I Choose You

You are not the air that I breathe,
you are the sweet scent that drifts upon it

You are not the sounds that I hear,
you are the music of my life

You are not the food that I need,
you are the nourishment of my soul

You are not my will to survive,
you are my reason for living

It is with you that I experience
the wonders of the world

It is with you that I triumph
over the challenges in my path

It is your partnership that will lead me
to the fulfillment of my dreams

It is your friendship that guides me
as I grow and learn

It is your patience and wisdom
that calms my restless nature

It is through you that I know my true self

I do not take you for granted,
I cherish you

I do not need you
I choose you

I choose you today in witness
of all the people who love us

I choose you tomorrow
in the privacy of our hearts

I choose you in strength and weakness

I choose you in health and sickness

I choose you in joy and sorrow

I will choose you, over all others, every day

for all the days of my life


Money Cant Buy You Love

Money can buy everything for you
Except to make someone to really love you

If you go out to buy love with your money
You better know, money is the reason, she is selling her body

She may like you for your money
But, when it comes to the real love, she could be someone else’s honey

As long as you got the money, she will stick with you
But when you run out of money, she comes up with excuse to leave you

It doesn’t matter you dead or alive
Money is the one that let you have her “love”

Don’t get confused between word love and like
They don’t mean the same, even though they sound alike

Remember, money just buys her physical body, not her mind
If you want to win her heart, you better treat her nice and be kind

Let’s hope money will never buy the love
Otherwise, that’s end of the romance and nice feeling and all the songs and movies
will be made and all the books will be written about story of the love

Gone Love

To a broken anniversary
Of a love lost long ago
Filled with goose bumps and the memory
Of a soul I can’t let go.

I wish I could remove the distance
That set both our poles apart
If I held a more delicate stance
I could have cradled your heart.

Despite my best intentions for us
The storm still swallowed me whole
Delicate plans were causing me fuss
I failed to honor my role.

No shame of our moment together
Though time has lessened the thrill
Our laughter will echo forever
Such gratitude fills me still.

If an instant of sorrow passed by
Without my loving embrace
Arrogance failed my perceptive eye
Complacency trumping grace.

Now I swim an ocean of regret
Without an island in sight
My mind traces back that silhouette
We shared within our delight.

Within this flesh I know I’ve been blessed
Nothing can tear you from me
Locked deep inside without a protest
With me indefinitely.

Retreat Soldier

I came to fight,
You no longer can choose,
For in me a warrior is aroused,
No longer will you fight my wars,
Trump Donald would harshly say
You are fired!

But I won’t.
I’ll simply say,
Retreat soldier,

This is my fight,
Against my hot temper,
the excuses i give to cover up,
A multitude of shortcoming,
That have shrouded my tender life,
Retreat Soldier.

I will fight this war,
Against my poor judgment,
Or lack of it thereof,
When it’s all that counts
in matters of life and death,
Retreat soldier.

I am ready to fight,
Against shutting out others,
And giving myself glory,
When all they needed was a listening ear,
To however small a contribution,
That would have just been the world’s solution,
Retreat soldier

I want to fight this war,
Against my irritating impatience,
Forcing others to run within my pace,
When all they needed was a break,
To catch their breath,
And resume the run….
Retreat soldier

I am fighting,
To consider opinions across board,
Even if I will not use them now,
It might be someone’s salvation,
In the rocky waters of life,
Retreat soldier

I’ll fight for my friends,
When our opinions differ,
And I could swear they are damn right wrong
I’ll patiently wear their shoes,
And feel exactly where it pinch,
So retreat soldier.

I swear to fight for my love,
According to African culture,
Allow him lead and be king,
Submit to his authority and direction,
Like a true daughter of the soil,
Retreat soldier

I stand here to fight
for many things gone wrong,
But which I can make right,
For to make a better world,
I’ll starts by myself,
So my soldier do Retreat

When You Fight For Our Love

When you talk about,
Fighting for our love,
I am curious to know,
What on earth you really mean…

Is it forgiving me when i stray,
And in another mans’ arms i find myself?
Or when you stray,and my forgiveness you need….

Is it when i do you wrong?
and your ego is wounded,
Or is it when you humiliate me….

Is it when your vision and mine collide,
And in your future i do not feature,
Or when mine omits your presence……..

Is it when you want to prove a point,
And rub in my mistakes,
Or when you want to cover up your tracks…..

Is it when you let me go with the other man,
For principles’ sake,avoid messing your shirt,
For to fight you say its a worthless brawl….

Is it when to you i am second fiddle,
And i come as an afterthought,
Or when you scream of your existence….

Is it when you’re too busy,
And your attention i have to beg,
Or when i am busy, and we drift apart…..

Is it when i am crushed and down,
And need your helping hand up.
Or is it when the reverse is true….

Is it when your future seem gray,
And you don’t know what tomorrow holds,
Or when i need your comforting wand…

Is it when i lose my livelihood,
And hope seem rather dim
Or when i need your supporting heart….

When do you fight for this love?

Are they mere words,
Said to express impossibility,
When the truth is but a mortality,
When the future has no clarity..

are they words spoken in vanity,
Those that have no sanity,
Meant to shut the brains ability
To logically evaluate attainability…

are they words filled with emptiness,
Whose viability is valueless,
And credibility is shameless,
To even contest in openness

Through With you

I can’t help but see what you are thinking
You wonder what happened to us
You thought that you owned my heart and
You thought that you had me wrapped
around your finger so tight
But there’s something that you should know
You don’t lose someone over night
It shouldn’t take you by surprise
It may be too late when you realize
You lose a heart one step at a time
I’m not trying to make excuses
There are no simple answers to explain
I never meant to hurt you this way
I never meant to cause you any pain
I can’t put it into words
or tell you why it happened this way
It wasn’t any one thing that you did
It was all those little things that you didn’t
I know it may be too late to realize
but you lost a heart one step at a time.

Kwangu Karibu

Nafumbua macho yangu, ukuangaza Kipenzi
Waridi la moyo wangu, daima nitakuenzi
asante kwa kuja kwangu, na kunipa lako penzi
KARIBU mpenzi Wangu.Karibu moyoni mwangu

Ni moyo wa namna gani, shujaa alokuwa nao
Ule usiotamani, kupendwa na wapendao
Mgumu Kiasi gani?, Usivutwe na Sumaku
Nguvu Ilo Mapenzini, aijua hata Kuku

Uzuri wako Kipenzi, Mithili ya mbalamwezi
Kwako nimeshikwa ganzi, kwa hakika sijiwezi
Kwangu ondoa Simanzi, usihofu laazizi.
Karibu Mpenzi wangu, Karibu Moyoni Mwangu

Tumuombe Mwenyezi Mungu, ndoa atie baraka
Atwondoshee Ukungu, Atujalie fanaka
Niwe wako uwe wangu, siku zote kwa hakika!
Karibu Mpenzi wangu, Karibu Moyoni Mwangu

Mpenzi niko tayari, KWANI SABABU NINAYO!
Mpenzi Sitahayari, KWANI NIA NINAYO!
Na Tuianze Safari, KWANI UWEZO NINAO!
Karibu Mpenzi wangu, Karibu Moyoni Mwangu